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    You can rest easy when you choose from one of our fixed-price monthly packages

Our Approach

We believe that you should spend less time on your accounts and paperwork and invoicing, and more time on your business. We simplify everything for our clients making it easy for you to share your information with us each month and you receive back useful realtime accounts so you can look to the future and improve your business finances and ensure your own success.

Example of what we do

Realtime Accountants believe in fair and transparent fees. We never include extra fees, hidden surprises or bill for our meetings with you, we take time to assess your needs and come up with a fair package for you, we bill monthly in line with our monthly accounts service.

” It is very assuring to know that all the stress and worry of accounts  and taxes is being handled so that i can do whats most important and concentrate on growing my business.”

Peter O’connell Career Development Associates

“Realtime Accountants has been handling our accounts for over 2 years.They have helped me with a new invoicing system, RCT & VAT refunds…. READ MORE

Robert Kennedy RK Electrical

“What is particularly assuring is their speedy response to any communication and the impression they give of being one step ahead… READ MORE

Rory Dillon Dillon & Co Socilitors

“But more importantly my time is freed up now  I don’t have to spend hours each month on bookkeeping,… READ MORE

Kevin O’Shea The Metro Bar Cafe